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  The availability of in-house laboratories fully equipped with
modern analytical instruments
polymers processing lab facilities
applicative testing equipments

And the Furthermore thethe cooperation of worldwide well known stabilization & flammability specialists are all sure success factors in order to assure the target achievement.


ADDCONS provides assistance for its customers about different regulatory problems. That isn’t limited to the official regulations, (e.g. material safety data sheets issued for a single additive or for complex additive systems ) but it extends to different actions as following:

a) The Company assures the offered formulations are carried out with listed substances on the E.U. “Existing Chemicals“ inventory (EINECS), or with notified substances as “New Chemicals” on the E U member States list (ELINCS)
b) It assures, for the North America exportations, the used additives are always listed in the USA inventory (TSCA) and /or in the Canada ones (DSL & ECL)
c) It studies and updates for the used additives and its compounds with trade specialties, the food contact status on several polymers with regard to:
1) The ECC 90/128 and subsequent amendments ( till EC/2002/72 )
2) The Synoptic Document ( updating 2003 )
3) The Food & Drug Administration ( C. F. R. of USA)
d) For the European Pharmacopoeia it can fix specifications of usable polymers , selection of the allowed additives, and analytical control methods in order to get ready the medical devices.
e) It can specify the additive classification regarding to water potential hazard - WGK (WasserGefardung Klasse)
f) In general it commits for the study and the compliance of the additives and additivesystems reported in brochure with EU Directives as they are issued


ADDCONS plays an active role in the environmental regulations compliance and in safety matter to improve the general health standards by improving cleanliness, housekeeping and hygiene standards at the working place.
The Company is involved also through preventive actions to :

  • Assess the risks for the operators and for the environment coming from the handling of treated products;
  • Introduce safe equipments and operational practices;
  • Train and educate all the concerned people with respect to safety measures and to the environmental hygiene.

ADDCONS is furthermore committed to minimize the effect of its supplied products, supporting and enlightening its own customers and their operators for a correct use of the supplied products.